Steve Allen…After Garry Moore ,I worked New York’s Basin Street East night club with Mel Torme and Woody Herman and His Herd.One night during my turn on stage I heard the unmistakable laugh of Steve Allen in the audience,he and Mel were friends for many years,going back to their early days in Chicago.After the show,Mel called my dressing room to tell me that  Steve Allen wanted to meet me.Steve told me that I was very funny and that if he ever had another television show,he’d like me to be on it.A few months later, while working with Mel at the Tropicana Hotel in Vegas ,sure enough,I got the call to join Steve on his new show for CBS.Over the years Steve invited me to guest on many of his late night shows and take part in personal appearances with him.I enjoyed making him laugh,’cause his laugh was infectious.We remained friends for years and Steve would often send me articles,videos and letters.A multi- talented gentleman.