The Carol Burnett Show was like being with family. I knew Harvey Korman from shows where  he’d been the comedy director, Garry Moore was the first one. Let me tell you, when Harvey broke up laughing, he wasn’t faking it. Carol is always real, on or off the stage. Loved working with her. Vickie Lawrence fit like a glove with them.

My favorite thing about that show is that they weren’t afraid to do long sketches and there was always a laugh a minute.

Show info

11/16/74 S 8: Ep 9 with John Byner and Helen Reddy
11/9/74 S 8: Ep 8 with John Byner and Ken Mars
3/23/74 S 7: Ep 24 with John Byner, Francine Beers
10/27/73 S 7: Ep 7 with John Byner
10/6/73 S 7: Ep 4 with Helen Reddy, John Byner
2/10/73 S 6: Ep 19 with Petula Clark, John Byner