8/17/05 Tripping the Rift S 2: Ep 5 Benito’s Revenge Skinky/The Whatrixs
2/8/04 Home Movies S 4: Ep 7 Wizard’s Baker Grocery Store Clerk
9/14/02 Tracey McBean S 1: Ep 9 Brain Machine Book store Clerk
9/23/01 Home Movies S 1: Ep 9 Life Through A Fish Eye Lens Various
10/26/98 The Angry Beavers S 2: Ep 10 The Day The World Got Really Screwed Up! Alien Object, Man’s Voice
9/13/97 Rugrats S 4: Ep 7 The Carwash / Heatwave Carwash Owner/Cashier
9/5/96 The Ren & Stimpy Show S 5: Ep 1 O’ Blue Nose / Stupid Sidekick Union ShakesBreae
5/23/93 The Ren & Stimpy Show S 2: Ep 12 The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen Singers
11/26/94 Aaahh!!! Real Monsters S 1: Ep 5 Krumm’s Pimple / The Monster Hunter Guest Star
11/26/94 Aaahh!!! Real Monsters Ickis! WHERE Is it?! (1995) … Guest Star Sheriff (voice)
11/26/94 Aaahh!!! Real Monsters  Mayberry UFO/I Dream of Snorch with the Long Golden Hair (1995) … Guest Star – Old Man/Sheriff
2/17/96 Duckman S 3: Ep 6 A Room With a Bellevue Voice of Dr. Gerhardt Morsink
4/30/94 Duckman S 1: Ep 8 Not So Easy Riders Voice of Unknown
11/27/93 Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron S 1: Ep 12 Enter the Madkat David Litterbin
1993 Garfield and Friends (TV series) Stairway to Stardom/Midnight Ride of Paul Revere’s Duck/Magic, Monsters and Manicotti (voice)
The Life and Times of the Lasagne Kid/Return of the Incredibly Stupid Swamp Monster/Unreal Estate (voice)
1991 A Wish for Wings That Work (TV short) Bill the Cat (voice)
1969 The Deadwood Thunderball (short) Roland (voice)
8/6/69 Tijuana Toads S 1: Ep 1 Tijuana Toads Texas Grasshopper