New Website

Welcome to the new site. We’ll feature more content in the coming months as we move in, but for now make sure to sign up on our mailing list and find us around the various web portals, twitter, facebook and youtube.

2 Responses to “ New Website ”

  1. omadmin Says:

    I want to thank Mr. Byner for a chance to show him what I personally think of his works. I hope you’ll stop by often as we fill in past works and write up about new ones. Stay tunes, more to come.

    Thanks John.
    Chris Sampson

  2. Allen Beyer Says:

    Hi John,
    I hope you remember my name. We went to South Side High together. I am proud of your success i the entertainment world. If you have the time, drop me a line. It would be an honer to connect with you again.

    Allen Beyer